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Content is central to your website's online visibility and it is termed as the 'king' in the world of search engine optimization. Compelling content can add spark to your marketing campaign. At Submit2Rank we have a handpicked team of writers who can weave magic with words. With a strong vocabulary and creative style of writing we can deliver a copy that is convincing, relevant and tailored to your brand's voice. Our writers can easily adapt to different global standards and localize the content to be culturally appropriate for the targeted market. Our SEO content writing service includes -

  • SEO Article Writing Service
  • Press Release Writing Service
  • Blog Writing Service
  • Web Copywriting Service

Our SEO content writing services have been priced attractively to suit the needs of small and large clients. We can do a lot of wonders with our writing services. Get in touch with us to know more.


Services Words Duration Price  
Article Writing 400-600 2 Days $12
Press Release Writing 300-350 2 Days $18
Business Letter Writing 150-200 3 Days $10
Website Content Writing 200-300 3 Days $15
Blog Writing 300-400 2 Days $12


Why Choose Submit2Rank for Content Writing?


  • Our Motto ­ Quality & Originality : We are aware that the business owners always appreciate original and quality contents. At Submit2Rank we do not only write original contents but also improve the quality of the website.
  • Flexible Approach : Our approach is totally different from others. We understand your business before understanding your requirement. We don't write, we convey the right message to your customers.
  • Customer Centric Process : At Submit2Rank we believe in making flexible customer-centric working process. We are open to changing our process when any project requires that.
  • Our Experience : We have worked for different brands domestically and internationally. Our work has always been appreciated by our clients. At Submit2Rank we believe in giving the best to our customers, no matter how many times we have to discard our own creation, so Choose Us!
  • Empowering Your Brand: At Submit2Rank our main aim is to empower your brand and business through our contents and get optimum ROI for you.

Q. How will I assign the project and communicate with the Content Writer?
A. You can assign the projects through email or through project management tool (If you have any). You can communicate via email, Skype, Google chat, other IMs.

Q. What is the experience of the Content Writer?
A. The Content Writer who will be working for your project will have a minimum experience of 4.5 to 5 years.

Q. What if the Content Writer working on the project leave your company?
A. As company norms the Content Writer will be serving the notice period of 1 month. During that period of time your project will be smoothly delivered to another Content Writer. You won't have any issues since the Content Writer will work under a Project Manager and your project won't have any effect due to the expert's departure.

Q. Is there any additional/hidden Charges?
A. No, there is no additional/hidden Charges. You only have to pay the amount that is mentioned there in the website.