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Why Submit2Rank’s Dedicated Hiring Model is Beneficial for Resellers

SEO Reseller Program has redefined the business in the Digital Marketing industry. At Submit2Rank we have taken it to the next level and are helping our clients maximize their profits and at the same time cut down on operational costs. We have developed a highly industrious model of engagement where we let you hire dedicated SEO experts who work as an extension of your team. Let’s discuss the benefits we offer you.

  • Quality of Work – Your clients want to see measurable results and you can’t afford to compromise on the quality of work. We have catered to 2000+ clients in the last five years and have a retention rate of 98% and this is a stamp on our quality and professionalism.
  • Flexible Hiring Options – Do you need a full day of the SEO resource or only a few hours of work from them? Whatever be your requirements we offer you extremely flexible hiring options. Whether you need a single resource or an entire team to work on your projects, we will meet your needs. You also enjoy the option of scaling up or down your use of our resources at any point of time.
  • White Label Services – We offer you 100% white label services where you can rebrand them as yours. Our SEO experts help you in every stage of the process such as answering to clients’ queries, assisting you in negotiating a deal and even giving personal interviews to your clients via phone and Skype.
  • Ease of Business Expansion – Add up the cost of talent acquisition, training them, creating an infrastructure and paying them monthly salary. You would think twice before going on an expansion spree. Compare this to merely getting more orders from your clients and outsourcing them to us. Things don’t get easier, do they?
  • Higher Profits – This is what drives any business association at the end of the day. You can earn a princely profit of between 200-300% when you hire SEO expert from our company. Our packages have been priced competitively and start from $99 per month that allows you to earn a premium profit on it selling the services to your clients.

Submit2Rank offers you many advantages with the dedicated hiring model. It helps in cutting down operational costs and maximizing the profits for any business and helping clients expand their foothold in the market. Contact Us ( ) today!

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