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An Insight Into Phantom 3 – Google’s Most Recent Quality Algorithm Update


At the end of November, there were rumors that something new was in the making with regards to Google’s search algorithms. The search rankings were badly affected while a good number of websites witnessed a drop or rise in traffic while buzz was in the air of an algorithm update that is, the arrival of Phantom 3. read more…



A Detailed Study Of Google’s Latest Machine Learning Technology- Rankbrain Algorithm


The concept of the handcrafted search algorithm is no longer in vogue. This is the age of artificial intelligence. Google of late has announced the launch of a new machine learning technology called RankBrain which is being used daily to process a huge fraction of searches.  read more…



Rescue Your Website from Snags in Google


There is nothing worse that can happen to your website like earning penalty from Google. Often businesses find themselves in such situations which are even beyond the rescue of best SEO companies in the world. read more…