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An Insight Into Phantom 3 – Google’s Most Recent Quality Algorithm Update


At the end of November, there were rumors that something new was in the making with regards to Google’s search algorithms. The search rankings were badly affected while a good number of websites witnessed a drop or rise in traffic while buzz was in the air of an algorithm update that is, the arrival of Phantom 3.

The impact of Phantom 3 algorithm update

Google’s latest algorithm update Phantom 3 had a noteworthy impact, especially on the rich snippets in search engine result pages. The websites which witnessed a positive movement experienced the recurrence of rich snippets while those that were impacted negatively experienced the elimination of rich snippets. In fact search engine giant Google handed out spam penalties to websites that had poor user experience and low quality content.

The aim of Phantom 3

The main aim of Google behind launching Phanton 3 algorithm is to slow down or stop spammy monetization of sites via punishing websites which use ads that are non-user friendly leading to poor user experience. Phantom 3 is an update for reminding both site owners and webmasters not to get highly excited with their websites as this is likely to destroy user experience along with having a similar impact on organic traffic.

The updated guidelines laid down by Google have a good chance of affecting rankings. Web sites which hold on to such quality guidelines will be on the safe side from ranking losses. An interesting news is, some issues have actually been redefined while some websites which lost out during the Phantom 2 update now have experienced positive results with Phantom 3. Although nothing as such has been confirmed by Google yet. So all those site owners, which lost positions must analyze their web pages for different content issues. It is indeed time to create some changes.

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