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All You Need To Know About HTTP/2 For SEO And Its Benefits


HTTP is the base of the World Wide Web and data transferring technique from server to client and vice versa. When a person enters a URL address in their browser, it right away sends that request through HTTP to the server and the server in return delivers the information via the same procedure. In fact, it serves the role of a postman for information all over the internet. HTTP was developed for handling low traffic levels and small websites during its inception. Since then the World Wide Web has advanced massively and came up with the modernized version- HTTP/2. This is a new way to handle such requests for information.

Key implications of HTTP/2

  • Firstly, by using HTTP/2 one can enjoy an increasingly reduced down time.
  • Secondly, as in the case of HTTP where the number of resources would block other activities until the downloading is complete, is no longer the case with HTTP/2.
  • Thirdly, it will deliver resources in the browser prior to the same even been requested. This way, more time can be saved.

HTTP/2 and SEO

With HTTP/2 getting additional support from Google, the website is likely to experience a rise in its rankings due to speed. Besides Firefox and Chrome are also supporting HTTP/2 which indicates that switching over to this latest protocol definitely will be immensely useful for SEO.

How developers and users can benefit from HTTP/2?

Developers- With the help of HTTP/2, web developers can take pleasure in domain sharding. This means they have the flexibility of loading files from several sub-domains, thereby establishing more connections as well as augmenting parallel file transfers which will add in the web server connection overhead. JavaScript and CSS images and codes too can be directly placed into the HTML while there will be no requirement for cookies in the static resources. This way developers can save both time and bandwidth.

Users- The modernized version of HTTP will offer better speed which means better user experience. Users will definitely experience better speeds via such a protocol.

To conclude, HTTP/2 indeed has a lot of advantages for SEO, developers and users. The bottom line is switching over to this protocol does makes sense.

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