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An Insight Into Phantom 3 – Google’s Most Recent Quality Algorithm Update


At the end of November, there were rumors that something new was in the making with regards to Google’s search algorithms. The search rankings were badly affected while a good number of websites witnessed a drop or rise in traffic while buzz was in the air of an algorithm update that is, the arrival of Phantom 3. read more…



All You Need To Know About HTTP/2 For SEO And Its Benefits


HTTP is the base of the World Wide Web and data transferring technique from server to client and vice versa. When a person enters a URL address in their browser, it right away sends that request through HTTP to the server and the server in return delivers the information via the same procedure. read more…



Why Submit2Rank’s Dedicated Hiring Model is Beneficial for Resellers

SEO Reseller Program has redefined the business in the Digital Marketing industry. At Submit2Rank we have taken it to the next level and are helping our clients maximize their profits and at the same time cut down on operational costs. read more…

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